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PharmaAssist™ Concierge Program

What is PharmaAssist™?

    • A multifaceted relationship between patients, providers, and their genetic pharmacist.

How is this a Concierge program?

    • In a nutshell, it is the equivalent to having a genetically trained clinical pharmacist in your pocket.  In as much, this allows you the opportunity to take your healthcare to the highest level possible every day of every year.

Can I join if I have already completed a genetic test with a different lab or company?  If so, how does that work and is there a cost?

    • Absolutely!  We would love to welcome you into our family.
    • We will set up a time to meet and review your previous results to develop a concise plan to help you meet your goals.
    • The initial consultation is free.  The fee to develop a personal plan with this information is $249 with enrollment into either the monthly or annual membership.

    Membership Options and Pricing

    Option A:
    Premier PharmaAssist Program
    Monthly Membership 

    • $199 Initial Fee
      • Includes either PGx or NGx Test
    • **Waived Genetic Post-Consultation Fee ($249 savings – minimum 1 year requirement)
      • Individual: $29.99 monthly
      • Family: $49.99 monthly

    Option B:
    Basic PharmaAssist Program
    No Monthly Requirement 

    • Genetic Testing Prices as listed below
    • **Genetic Post-Consultation Fee: $249
    • Additional fee for follow-up consultations
      • $250 per hour billed in 15-minute increments


    Genetic Testing Prices

    • Pharmacogenetic Testing (PGx): $350
      • Comprehensive genetic panel
      • Genetics as it relates to medications
    • Nutritgenomic Testing (NGx): $375
      • DNA Diet and Nutrition
      • DNA Sports and Fitness
      • DNA Skin
    • Additional Specialty Testing: $125
      • CBD (coming soon)
      • Cannabis (coming soon)
      • Eye Health (coming soon)
      • Oral Health (coming soon)

    Current Benefits for All Membership Levels:

    • 10% Discount on Pure Encapsulations and Thorne vitamins and supplements 
    • 10% Discount on Dermalogica skin care products

    • Access to your personal genetic pharmacist as needed
      • Unlimited consultations with you to help keep you on track with your goals
      • Medication therapy management
      • Chronic disease state management
      • Unlimited consultations with your providers
    • Access to your personal nutritional coach
      • Nutritional plan developed for you based on your genetics
        • **Nutrigenomic test required for this benefit
    • Option to participate in beta testing of the new genetic panels we are developing for an initial offering price


    • More benefits coming soon