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Pharmacogenomic Testing FAQs

Did you know?

  • 50% of the medications we take either don’t work the way they are supposed to, and/or are potentially harmful?
  • 29% of Americans take five (5) or more medications?
  • 20,500 is the approximate number of genes in the human genome

What is pharmacogenomics (PGx)?

  • PGx is a combination of the way medications work, or pharmacology, and genomics.
  • More simply put, the way meds work in terms of your unique genetic makeup.

How does it work?

  • Using a simple cheek swab our lab can extract your entire genetic makeup. This information provides keen insight into the medications that will work best for you if, or when, you need them.
  • Your personal genetic pharmacist then reads the results and creates a summary of recommendations to share with you and your healthcare provider

What will the test tell me and my healthcare provider?

  • PGx testing provides insight into genetic changes that may affect how medications work in your body and how your body works with medications.
  • We designed our signature 43 gene comprehensive panel with a minimum of 122 analytes, or genetic changes, covering metabolism, transport, receptors, and other biotransformative proteins involved in the pathway of many medications.

Will my insurance cover the cost of the test?

  • Some health plans will cover the cost of the test, but it depends upon your diagnosis, the medications you are on, or the medications your provider is considering for treatment.
  • Healthcare plans outside of Medicare Part B (multiple diagnoses) and United Healthcare Commercial (mental health diagnoses only) will require a prior authorization.
  • If your test is not covered, we offer financial assistance plans financing plans with a minimal down payment.

    How is Health By Genetics different from other labs or businesses offering genetic testing?

    • Our approach is precision medicine through wholistic (whole person) healthcare.
    • Our focus is not on genetic testing alone, rather integration of the results into your life to provide actionable clinical recommendations to your providers.
    • Our goal is to be your advocate across all your healthcare needs with genetics as the basis for care.

    Are there limitations to PGx testing?

    • All testing has limitations, including PGx testing. By looking at not only medications, but also other conditions being treated, lifestyle, and the whole person, we strive to provide the highest level of care available.
    • The science of genetic testing is ever evolving as do we as humans. Health By Genetics is no different and therefore as we continue to evolve, our aim is to reduce those limitations as much as possible.

    Does Health By Genetics sell genetic data or patient information?

    • NO!
    • Our security position is that your genetic information belongs to you and only you. In order for any information to be released, you would need to provide a handwritten letter with a wet-ink signature stating your request for release.

    Can I request my data be deleted and sample destroyed?

    • Yes, at any time, you may request your genetic data to be completely deleted from our system.

    *** Note: Any outstanding bills will need to be resolved at that time since this would also mean termination of care with HxG.